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While the United States recognizes September as Emergency Preparedness Month, Local Emergency Management Offices promote and support these emergency preparedness efforts year round and encourage all Americans to take these actions throughout the year.

You can join the effort by following four steps:

  1. Build a Kit
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Stay Informed
  4. Get Involved

Get an Emergency Kit - An emergency kit includes the basics for survival: fresh water, food, clean air and warmth. You should have enough supplies to maintain your family's comfort for at least three days or throughout an extended power outage. Ask your Local Emergency Management Office for a list of items recommended for a disaster supply kit.

Make an Emergency Plan - Make plans with your family and friends in case you're not together during an emergency. Discuss how you'll contact each other, where you'll meet and what you'll do in different situations. Ask about planning at your workplace and your child's school or daycare center.

Be Informed - Being prepared means staying informed. Check all types of media -Web sites, newspapers, radio, TV, mobile and land phones - for global, national and local information. During an emergency, your local Emergency Management or Emergency Services office will give you information on such things as open shelters and evacuation orders.

Get Involved - Look into taking first aid. Get emergency response training and learn how to participate in community exercises, and volunteer to support your community's first responders.

Contact Information

Emergency Management Director
Michael McDowell
(859) 707-5058

"Are You Ready?"  
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A guide to helping you plan for emergencies.

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