Committees of the Fiscal Court

Animal Control Committee

Animal Control Committee duties include oversight of construction and maintenance of property, setting fees, and guidelines for Animal Control Officer.  Animal Control Officer will answer to committee.  Members include Jimmy Wells and Matt Hughes.

  • Animal Control Facility
  • Animal Control Officer
    Dog Warden - Willie Hogg - (859) 473-3037

Parks & Recreation Committee

Parks and Recreation Committee will be responsible for equipment and material purchases and repairs and maintenance of all parks and fairgrounds.  This includes mowing, clean-up and general maintenance.  The Recreation Board and Fair Board will answer to this committee.  Scheduling for use of parks and fairground shall be run through this committee.  Members include Jeff Randolph, and Steve Hamilton.

  • Recreation Board
  • Fair Board

Buildings & Land Committee

Building and Land Committee will be responsible for county owned properties maintenance, repairs and general upkeep.  All leases will be approved by committee with final decision made by Fiscal Court.  The properties include Jockey Park, excluding part used by Soccer Field and Walking Trail, which will be the responsibility of Parks and Recreation Committee; Carnico building and land; nursing home, hospital, comp. care; old hospital; old armory; new Health Department; Courthouse; County Farm, excluding area around landfill, which will be under the Solid Waste and Landfill Committee, and area around County Barn which will be under the Road Department.  Members include Matt Hughes, Mike Webb, and Jeff Randolph.

Landfill & Solid Waste Committee

Landfill and Solid Waste Committee will be responsible for all maintenance and repair for property and equipment pertaining to operation of landfill and solid waste program.  Fees for collection and operation shall be set by committee with final approval by Fiscal Court.  Landfill operators will answer to committee.  Members include Steve Hamilton and Mike Webb.

  • Convenience Center

Committee Minutes

Animal Control Committee
Animal Control Manual 

Parks and Recreation Committee

Buildings & Land Committee

Landfill & Solid Waste Committee